Workshop Access

Are you looking to rent a work space in Warwickshire or find a communal jewellery bench? Perhaps you’ve just graduated, just started out or even just want to carry on experimenting from part time classes? If you are looking for time and space without committing to hiring out a workshop at great expense, or even for longer than a few hours here and there, this could be just for you!
Here at the Stratford School of Jewellery we are hiring out jewellery benches for individuals needing time and space to develop their skills and creations, where you can book a space in two and a half hour afternoon blocks.
Our jeweller’s bench spaces are ideal, just like hot desking, where you can enjoy time in a professional space without having to join a class. It is suitable for experienced makers or individuals who have undertaken basic jewellery training.
This is a great opportunity to build your making skills without all the financial pressures of starting out. So why wait, simply book time and space below at an available time.

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